Ecosystem Service Values

In addition to commercial commodities and services and recreational amenities, there are many other functions and services provided by forests in Florida, collectively known as ecosystem services, that represent the process and condition through which the forest supports and satisfies human life (Daily, 1997). Forest ecosystem services include, but are not limited to:

(United Nations, 2014; deGroot et al., 2012)

Using the value transfer method and comprehensive reviews of global and regional forest ecosystem service values, the aggregate ecosystem service value of Florida forests ranges from $25 - $34 billion per year.

Values estimated using global ecosystem service values

Ecosystem Service Category Average Value ($/acre/year) Aggregate Value ($M per year)
Provisioning 332 5,704
Regulating 266 4,559
Habitat 384 6,581
Cultural  456 7,824
Total 1,438 24,669

Data Source: de Groot et al. (2012) and authors calculations

Values estimated using regionally representative
ecosystem service values

Ecosystem Service Category Average Value
Aggregate Value
($M per year)
Gas and Climate Regulation 37 639
Water Regulation and Supply 1,015 17,418
Pollination 170 2,922
Habitat/Refugia 102 1,752
Aesthetic and Non-use 559 9,593
Total 1,884 32,323

Data Source: Moore et al. (2011) and authors calculations



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